We believe the Sales organization is the heart and soul of the company. Yet there are few tools that provide data-driven decision support for executive Sales leadership offering a comprehensive view into the abilities of the reps on the front line who are the people the company lives or dies by.

We’ve sold. We’ve run Sales organizations, large and small. And we’ve coached and developed thousands of sales pros. Collectively we’ve lived, eaten, and breathed Sales for more than a century.

So, we get it.

We designed and developed the UPtick™ platform to give sales organizations the insight to know who has the “right stuff” to be successful, reduce time to ramp, and improve overall effectiveness of the team.

The UPtick™ platform was borne out of a need for a better, smarter, more effective way to understand and improve sales productivity – developed by a team with a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in Sales.

We’ve lived it! We get it!