Auctus IQ


We are all painfully aware that as a sales leader, every year your life has become more challenging and complicated. The pressure you feel is extreme. Layer the COVID-19 pandemic on top of it and the stakes only get higher.

Enter AuctusIQ, a name derived from the Latin word meaning growth and paired with intelligence. We empower growth intelligence to organizations globally. AuctusIQ is an engine that combines training, technology and analytics from years of study on what differentiates the best among millions of sellers and tens of thousands of sales teams. It’s a proven and pragmatic shift in how you approach and analyze talent, how you enable coaching, and how you navigate and accelerate the close of a complex deal.

Empowering Sales Coaching that Creates a Rhythm of Success: CoachingIQ

A practical coaching system that incorporates the best practices of exceptional sales leadership. The system incorporates the management practices that ensure every rep improves quarterly, leading indicators are met, forecasts are accurate, and win rates improve.

It’s not just about giving advice or calling the shots on the next play—it’s about a sales management process that provides real-time feedback to measure the skills, competencies and critical expertise that dramatically improve individual seller performance daily, weekly, and quarterly.

Employing Deal Strategies that Apply, Analyze and Repeat: DealIQ

A simple, data-driven deal system to apply proven sales methodology to shorten sales cycles, improve win rates, and enhance forecast accuracy.

It’s not just a process or set of steps to follow to maneuver a deal. It’s an effective sales methodology and platform that captures seller actions and buyer behaviors to predict success. Every seller has a real-time data-driven approach to individual deal strategies that accelerate the sales cycle and increase win rates. Sales leaders are armed with easy-to-access and highly accurate dashboards that seamlessly integrate into your CRM to provide critical information on deal challenges, strategies, and likelihood to close.

Applying Sales Talent as a Business Process: TalentIQ

A performance-based talent assessment system that incorporates individual development and selection of every sales rep as a business process.

For too long leaders have looked at talent as “can” or “can’t.” In reality, talent development is a business process that starts with identifying the attribute, skills, and acumen of your best sellers, turns to uncovering gap competencies and understanding how every seller stacks up to your best, and leads to a measurement-based development plan for improving each individual seller.

Our clients experience dramatic increases in revenue, forecast accuracy, and win rates. It’s a proven and practical scientific formula for growth, and it works. Your sales leaders transform into performance coaches driving seller improvement quarter over quarter. Your sellers perform at higher levels and your deals are accelerated to close. Never before has data on all the critical factors that empower business growth been at your fingertips—talent, coaching, process, and deal analytics.

Your company’s growth intelligence solution. AuctusIQ, Growth Intelligence Applied.