Courtney McCashland

Dr. Courtney McCashland is the Co-founder and Chief Officer of Science and Strategy for AuctusIQ. Dr. McCashland brings academic and applied insight into how the talents, experience, knowledge and skills of the salesforce can be measured and managed to shorten the sales cycle and increase sale production. Through hundreds of performance-based studies, Dr. McCashland’s research has validated predictive salesforce assessments and analytics that power the AuctusIQ platform. 

Dr. McCashland has founded five successful start-up organizations and served on the executive team for seven fast-growing companies with a focus in talent research, analytics, and financial services. She received her bachelor’s degree in marketing and journalism and a master’s in qualitative and quantitative research from the University Nebraska-Lincoln. She also completed her doctoral degree in organizational leadership at the University of Southern California where she graduated summa cum laude.